the 2.55 payment plan.

Now that I am working a big girl job, I decided it would be the right time to start saving up for my very own Chanel 2.55 handbag, the ultimate classic. I devised what I thought to be the perfect payment plan and according to my calculations, I would have a bag in about a … Continue reading

for the dreamers.

There is the New York of the person who was born somewhere else and came to New York in quest of something…the city of final destination, the city that is a goal. Commuters give the city its restlessness; natives give it solidarity and continuity; but the settlers give it passion. – E.B. White, Here is … Continue reading

welcome to manhattan, target.

When I moved back to New York in June, I was ecstatic to find that there would be a Target opening on the island. No more trips to the Bronx for this girl to get that red and khaki fix! I headed to the new store today because I was excited to check out the … Continue reading

chanel paradoxal.

I came home to a more than pleasant surprise after work this week, a little box in white Chanel wrapping paper. Based on the shape and size of the box, I knew immediately that inside I was going to find a box of Le Vernis Nail Colour! I squealed with delight as I took out … Continue reading

chanel couture. sigh.

It is as if Karl Lagerfeld can do no wrong. (As long as we ignore that whole “faux fur” thing at the AW 2010 shows…I mean come on Karl, use the real thing!) Here are my favorite looks from the oh-so dreamy fall 2010 couture collection. And can we please talk about how fantastic the … Continue reading


I love the couture shows. And when I say “I love the couture shows,” I mean I really love the couture shows. Nothing makes a girl happier than the most perfect clothing on the face of the planet making its way down the runway in Paris. Nothing. Riccardo Tisci created yet another fantastic collection for … Continue reading


It is official: I have a copy of Industrie. After calling Casa Magazines (22 8th Avenue) daily for my first few weeks out here with no result, I had given up on owning this new glossy from the UK. But if you know me at all, you know that I cannot resist a trip to … Continue reading