the 2.55 payment plan.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag, $My,LifeSavings.00

Now that I am working a big girl job, I decided it would be the right time to start saving up for my very own Chanel 2.55 handbag, the ultimate classic. I devised what I thought to be the perfect payment plan and according to my calculations, I would have a bag in about a year. AND THEN THIS HAPPENS:

“European Chanel experts” tell Madison Avenue Spy that the price of classic style Chanel bags just went up 20 percent on the Continent. A price hike on Chanel purses is rumored to occur here on August 1. In 2008, the Reissue bag that now costs $3,600 cost only (only!) $2,850. Come August 1, the price could go up to $4,100. Madison Avenue Spy notes, “Remember, price hikes are always rumored and your stockpile of Chanel bags will not sustain you during a nuclear explosion.” [via The Cut]

Whyyyyyyy?! Okay, I wasn’t planning on purchasing the Reissue bag, but still. If this is going to happen, it means I have to get back to the payment plan drawing board. At this rate, I will have a bag when I am 30.

Note: I disagree and believe that stockpiling Chanel bags would indeed sustain oneself during nuclear expolision.

2 Responses to “the 2.55 payment plan.”
  1. agirlastyle says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog – it’s brilliant!

    This post made me both laugh out loud (the last point – I agree and would certainly take it to bomb shelter) and sad. I had my beloved 2.55 (which was so special to me) stolen earlier this year and had been saving to replace it when I went to NY in August. But then they raise the price 30% the day before I go to buy it, and it’s then just silly. I get that Karl doesn’t want them everywhere, but why????!!!! That’s just mean.

    Miss B xx

    • alexandraandthecity says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I hope that you are able to purchase another bag soon (and that I am able to finally purchase one bag someday!) Karl has got to come around for girls like us one of these days, right?

      Love your blog as well!


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