getting that passport ready.

pietro came over tonight and made a wonderful dinner and tiramisu for anne, alex and i [christa joined for dessert]. it just made me excited to eat like that errday in italia. he also told me a million things i have to eat and drink while i am there, so i would like to leave … Continue reading

isaac is bloggin’

my friend kai notified me today that the top of my head is visible in a photo on isaac mizrahi’s blog about his book tour stop in mpls. one of the greatest days of my life. he is a complete and total genius.  Isaac Mizrahi Blog  

spotted: h with new headband.

  i saw this posted on my favorite blog- nymag’s the cut- and immediately thought that hillary had snatched up her new headband from blair waldorf. my darling friends at the cut completely agreed. so great.   The Cut: Hillary Clinton Debuts a New Hairstyle read and enjoy. i love the cut.

design forward. too forward?

had a lot of fun working a design event for the magazine tonight with allison and sam [intern]. enjoyed the lovely catered food and free drinks…as always. there seems to be no economic worries with that crowd! met a few interesting people… continuing to meet v. forward people, who are “aggressive and get what they … Continue reading

marc <3 obama


bad news. good news?

Conde Nast Cuts Jobs [WWD] cutting internet jobs and jobs across the country by 5 percent. my future looks bright. and then…. The Cut: Anna Wintour Retiring? no.way. but i would be more than willing to fill her position [in say 5 years]   in reality, it is scary to think that the only place … Continue reading

madison vacation.

just got back from a weekend in madison visiting friends. i miss it so much sometimes, and i miss the most random things. even though i don’t do the whole game day thing, i miss watching all the people in skinned badger hats and laughing. i also totally miss the food @ the dining hall. … Continue reading

dying for mcqueen

McQueen for Target   cannot wait. camping out.

true love comes in an u.o. box

i have been drooling over these since watching the fall 08 show and then finally seeing them splashed on the pages of my july vogue chanel two-tone tights, chanel fall 08 …and now…they are mine! either or tights @ urban outfitters i probably will wear them with a nude or white tight underneath for more of … Continue reading

paris, je t’aime.

in may, i will go to paris with allison to study art history. after that we plan on traveling to italy, spain and greece. it is going to be such a perfect way to start summer/senior year of college. i am beyond excited. i don’t think i will ever want to leave. i can … Continue reading