baby showerrrr.

bristol palin and her redneck hockey boyfriend/fiance, levi johnston, welcomed a son into this crazy world.  Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. all i know is that easton is a brand of hockey sticks and equipment and that is enough to gross me out. and now we shall plan the greatest baby shower that ever was in … Continue reading

Protected: it was just like when they let her shop in pretty woman.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

betsy ross? no, betsy johnson.

  please do not do it michelle. 

blissful break.

well, today was my first official day of winter break. first day with no work was lovely. christmas with my dad’s side of the family was most of today. i discovered that people do indeed still gift bath and body cucumber melon body spray. saw religilous with alex. good film. really makes you think about … Continue reading

i am becky bloomwood.

& neiman marcus does not take visa.

top 10 best dressed of 2008

because i am not cool enough to make a top 10 albums of the year list or really because i don’t think i could even name 10 albums in 2008, i have decided to make a top 10 list that is meaningful for me (& maybe you if you are reading this). so, i present … Continue reading


mom: i don’t think i am going to renew your  vogue this year. its over $30 now, can’t you just buy the issues you want? moi: mom, are you serious? this is my future on the line here! if you do not renew my subscription i will never get a job! mom: you are so … Continue reading

my “best” friend is famous.

Allison Kohlstedt KSTP Premiere

maybe it is the stress of finals. but it probably is just jude law.

i die. i made the mistake of watching the holiday tonight for a art history study break. jude law is the most gorgeous man on the planet. jude law in a turtleneck? the death of me.  great movie though. i totally cried like a baby [which i partially blame on finals].    

i love my sister.

after countless failed attempts in tracking down the dec/jan paris vogue, i have one! my lovely sister had a friend in france buy one and mail it! so excited. so so so excited. finally. first, look. now paris vogue. all we need is some tory burch and this will be a full on christmas miracle! … Continue reading