charlotte russe.

kai: do you ever get to that point where you think about charlotte russe and… moi: i have never thought about charlotte russe… kai: no, you know you think about it and you think well it makes sense, they have a demographic. moi: no, i have still never thought about charlotte russe. Advertisements

check it out.

BOMP! @ Bedlam Theatre ARTicles Blog by Moi So this actually looks like it will be really fun. Count me in for next month!

carnal knowledge.

Found an extended preview of the new episode of Gossip Girl.  I hate it only because Chuck is not kissing Blair. But hey, at least there is something going on?


All of my hatred of mass communication law has come back to get me. In class we have this thing called the “hot seat” where you sit in the front row on an assigned day and you are responsible for knowing an extensive amount of what is to be covered in class that day. And … Continue reading

Isaac for Liz is scrumptious.

It is no secret that I love Isaac Mizrahi to a degree that some may find unhealthy. But that doesn’t mean I always LOVE everything he designs…there were times when I was an Isaac for Target hater. But it just so happens that I LOVE what he designed for Liz Claiborne. I know I posted … Continue reading

oh g.g., you are so predictable.

EXTREMELY upset that Gossip Girl was a repeat. Minus 1,000,000 In my anger, I decided to shop online and stumbled across the additional 30% off sale at J.Crew Online. Plus 1,000,000 Now that things are even, I must say that I really was looking forward to a new episode. I had predicted that Dan would … Continue reading

marc jacobs : life :: mass communication law : death

I always liked Legally Blonde. You know, for that “hey that girl likes fashion and can be lawyer” aspect. Now, I hate Legally Blonde. I have chosen to fill one of my journalism school requirements by taking Mass Communication Law. Why? Probably because I thought I would meet a future lawyer and get to play … Continue reading

helen thomas. the most entertaining person in media.

I was just watching todays White House press briefing- good work Mr. Gibbs- and I am so thoroughly entertained by Helen Thomas. I was in the press room this summer and love that Helen Thomas is the only person with a permanent seat. Every other seat is just labeled “Time” or “New York Post” but … Continue reading

day 2 & a celebrity blogger?!

METRO Mag A&E Blog Check. It. Out. Next Stop: New York Magazine.

we could have been looking at this on monday:

  Sarah Palin, AP Photo one word, and one word only: PROM.