This is genius. And hilarious. I would so be there.   Advertisements

paris followed by new york.

It just so happens that I am about to embark on the greatest summer of my life. Paris until July followed by an internship with a designer that I completely adore in NYC [See how cryptic I am being? Since I completely adore 95% of the fashion design community]. Oh, did I forget to mention … Continue reading

gossip girl recap: remains of the j.

I have mixed feelings on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl. Probably because *SPOILER* I hate seeing Chuck Bass kiss anyone that isn’t Blair. And even when it is Blair, I wish it was me. [Fantasy worlds are my specialty].  First of all, the letter from Yale regarding Dan’s financial aid status was so laughable. “DENIED.” … Continue reading

mnfashion week… it does exist.

For the first time ever, we have an entire WEEK devoted to local creative talents in the Twin Cities. What was once a Wednesday-Sunday gig every fall and spring has turned Saturday – Saturday. Hooray! MN Fashion just posted the schedule of events and I now present you with my fashion week itinerary, which includes … Continue reading

it appears i have been living in a cave.

HOW DID I NOT KNOW A BARNEYS WAS OPENING IN CHICAGO? Have I completely failed as a smart, fashion-news oriented, young woman? Yes. I have failed all of you, but most importantly I have failed myself. This is huge. Of course, not as huge as if there was a Barneys opening on Nicollet [preferably in … Continue reading

isaac on michelle.

Interview with [incredible resource, use it, love it.] Isaac was asked about Michelle Obama: “She’s kind of like the Carrie Bradshaw of the next 10 years.” Lovely.

interesting comparison.

Reminiscing over last weeks espisode of Gossip Girl in anticipation of this week’s episode, I realized something quite interesting. Mean Girls = Coach Carr slept with underage students. Gossip Girl= Rachel Carr slept with underage Dan Humphrey. Très bon.

rumor has it…

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone may be adopting a baby girl. I would like the be that baby girl.

that was it.

My last academic spring break ever has come to an end. Eventful? No. I spent just about everyday working and if not working I was interning and if not interning I was working on planning the Europe trip!  I did get a lovely facial, massage and pedicure yesterday- which was my only real “break” of … Continue reading

matthew williamson for h&m.

Here are six looks by Matthew Williamson for H&M, which hits stores on April 23. It looks like a fun collection and I am sure it will go fast. A lot of it is peacock inspired [only one dress shown below, but more looks featured on The Cut show it] which was a big trend … Continue reading