It is official: I have a copy of Industrie. After calling Casa Magazines (22 8th Avenue) daily for my first few weeks out here with no result, I had given up on owning this new glossy from the UK. But if you know me at all, you know that I cannot resist a trip to Casa when I am in the area, so I made a post-dinner and drinks stop there on Saturday night. I promised I would ask one last time if the magazine had landed stateside. “Yes, it is right behind you,” replied the magazine guru behind the counter. I let out a shriek of joy, which startled a number of the customers milling around the tiny shop. (My little outburst was too much for my dear friend Christopher to handle and he had to step outside of the store.) I am sure that everyone inside Casa thought I was a crazy person. But the crazy is warranted, this is one phenomenal magazine. PHENOMENAL. The large format publication is not only impeccably designed but the content is out of this world. Interviews with Katie Grand, Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Florio, Patrick Demarchelier, Rick Owens and taking a page out of love: naked Daria and Lara. Editors Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede are brilliant. At the end of the day, Industrie makes me the happiest girl in town.

This magazine is a must for everyone passionate about the fashion industry. I hope you snag yourself a copy ASAP!


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