the best of resort 2011

This year, the resort/pre-spring/cruise collections were bigger than ever. Whether designers held private press previews or full runway shows, the season was major. There were a number of stunning collections and looks that had me drooling on my computer screen [I even drooled on a few in-person]. Phoebe Philo created another breath-taking collection for Celine. … Continue reading

paris fashion week: overdue review

Hi, it’s me. The worst Paris Fashion Week blogger on the planet. I have like a zillion shows to catch up on, and I feel that taking in these shows is the best way to a) study for my fashion design midterm and b) prepare for my interview on Friday. To begin, it was a … Continue reading


I have a deep appreciatin for the Balenciaga design aesthetic and was excited to see that it was the first major show of PFW. I have to admit, I totally expected something space-age with shoulder pads that would top all of the collections thus far. What I did see, a nod to Yves Saint Laurent … Continue reading

YSL Auction

The YSL Christie’s Auction started today in Paris. The Cut reported that 30,000 people stopped by in just two days to check out everything. Insane! Check out The Cut’s article below: YSL Auction

ysl. be still my heart.

The YSL Unisex Line (GENIUS!) This is officially ALL i want to be wearing for spring. Specifically looks 5,6,12,13,&16 from the photo gallery. I want those trousers sooo badly. Isaac is doing a similar pair for LC and I MUST own them. YSL Unisex Line. Courtesy NYMag Enjoy!

yves st. laurent: inspired by the masters.

Just watched the Yves St. Laurent documentary, adding another favorite to my list. He was such a prodigy. At twenty-one he took over the House of Dior. Twenty-one! He showed ten collections with Dior before his contract was terminated because of a “poor” show. Even though the looks from that show were copied for years. … Continue reading

a city with no sample sales.

everyone tells me that if i end up in new york, it will be the end of me because i will spend all my money shopping. right, because i will have so much money. but anyways, i have discovered the trick to retail in new york…the sample sale. those words make my heart skip beats. … Continue reading

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