“september is the january in fashion.”

This is how I am spending the next few weeks. Bliss. Advertisements

americans in paris

A year ago this time I was studying Gothic art and architecture in the beautiful city of Paris. Words cannot express how much I miss my time in the city of lights. The sights, sounds, food, people, fashion and art were all so powerful and had an amazing impact on how I look at my … Continue reading

city of dreams.

Last summer, I chased my crazy dreams all the way to New York City. I landed an internship with my favorite New York designer and for three months I lived out of two suitcases in my cousin’s West Harlem apartment. I had no idea what to expect and my whirlwind summer was like nothing I … Continue reading

anna on the september issue in the september issue. (what?)

I hope that viewers will understand more clearly the hard work and sense of mission that goes into producing this magazine. Fashion is so often presented in the culture as a thing of froth, which, of course, it partly is; but the bubbles are blown with care and a sense of values.  – Anna Wintour, … Continue reading


Just got back from a preview of The September Issue at the Paley Center for Media in Manhattan. It was AMAZING! You MUST, I repeat: MUST  see the film when it hits theaters in your city (either August 28 for Manhattan or September 11 for everyone else.) It was such a brilliant look into the … Continue reading

trailer: the september issue

Just in case you live underneath a rock and had no idea what I was just talking about in the previous post, here is the official The September Issue trailer. I have watched this an unhealthy amount of times. Best moment: When Anna tells Oscar not to show a particular look on the runway.  That … Continue reading

ALT and the september issue.

Yesterday we bought tickets to see a preview of The September Issue at the Paley Center for Media on August 20. I am BEYOND excited for this! Not only are we catching TSI before it hits the theaters (in New York) on August 28, but director RJ Culter will be there. Wait. It gets better. … Continue reading

and my life is complete. seriously.

I am one of those people that has a tendency to question everything I do. “Should I have worn these shoes?” “Was it smart to ship home all my European issues of Vogue through the Italian Post Office?” (ANSWER: NO.) “Should I have spent my last summer in college in a city far away from … Continue reading

that was it.

My last academic spring break ever has come to an end. Eventful? No. I spent just about everyday working and if not working I was interning and if not interning I was working on planning the Europe trip!  I did get a lovely facial, massage and pedicure yesterday- which was my only real “break” of … Continue reading


Ecstatic. So good that my mother accidently renewed for two subscriptions…Now I can frame a cover. Michelle Obama +  Vogue = BLISS. Ah, and Andre Leon Talley (who I adore!) wrote the article! SO good.

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