review: the september issue (for the fashion list)

You can read my review of The September Issue preview at the Paley Center for Media on The Fashion List! Enjoy! Advertisements


Just got back from a preview of The September Issue at the Paley Center for Media in Manhattan. It was AMAZING! You MUST, I repeat: MUST  see the film when it hits theaters in your city (either August 28 for Manhattan or September 11 for everyone else.) It was such a brilliant look into the … Continue reading

trailer: the september issue

Just in case you live underneath a rock and had no idea what I was just talking about in the previous post, here is the official The September Issue trailer. I have watched this an unhealthy amount of times. Best moment: When Anna tells Oscar not to show a particular look on the runway.  That … Continue reading

ALT and the september issue.

Yesterday we bought tickets to see a preview of The September Issue at the Paley Center for Media on August 20. I am BEYOND excited for this! Not only are we catching TSI before it hits the theaters (in New York) on August 28, but director RJ Culter will be there. Wait. It gets better. … Continue reading

the september issue.

I am SO excited to hear that RJ Cutler’s documentary on Vogue, The September Issue, will be show in theaters next fall. A&E has the television rights to the movie, and it will air after the documentary leaves theaters. I tend to fall completely in love with fashion documentaries, so I feel that this will … Continue reading