Just finished doing an interview for a profile on Joy Teiken, Minneapolis based designer of Joynoelle. She is really lovely and has stunning designs. Completely self taught, she is definitely one of the finest designers in the Twin Cities. I got to sit in on a bridal fitting this morning with her and she is … Continue reading

there is $400,000 worth of jewelry in that bag, i wanted it to look like take out.

bridal photo shoots are excruciatingly long. but also really fabulous. spent the day zipping models into waterfalls of vera wang tulle and jewel encrusted monique gowns, tapping the bottoms of manolos [to make them appear unworn when we return them], and transporting $145,000 diamond rings.  the space we shot it was really cool. a huge … Continue reading

getting those things from that one place.

we have a bridal photo shoot tomorrow, so i was running around pulling jewelry and bridal gowns today. it was a bit stressful, some of the showrooms were near impossible to find–or closed!  some beautiful gowns were pulled from local designer joynoelle. as well as some gorgeous creations from monique lhuillier. and some jewelry that … Continue reading