americans in paris

A year ago this time I was studying Gothic art and architecture in the beautiful city of Paris. Words cannot express how much I miss my time in the city of lights. The sights, sounds, food, people, fashion and art were all so powerful and had an amazing impact on how I look at my … Continue reading

where am i?

I think I have been asking myself this question way too much lately. This has been such a whirlwind summer, but now that I am stationary for the next few months, I will get back to my blogging ways. I returned from Paris/Italy/Greece a little over a week ago and jumped right on a plane … Continue reading

apologies for the brief hiatus.

I forgot I had a blog. Not really. The last month of school was so ridiculously crazy. I had every intention of giving a full Voltage review and MNFW recap, while also touching on the Met gala (WHAT WAS LEIGHTON MEESTER THINKING?!). Now I feel like it is just too late. So here, in just … Continue reading

fall fashion week: top 10 collections.

This is a daunting task, but WWD is going to unveil the top 10 collections from fall fashion week on April 13. I have decided to use there “guide”– posting five designers each day for 10 days, one designer each day is someone in the top 10– to formulate my top 10 collections list. I … Continue reading

paris followed by new york.

It just so happens that I am about to embark on the greatest summer of my life. Paris until July followed by an internship with a designer that I completely adore in NYC [See how cryptic I am being? Since I completely adore 95% of the fashion design community]. Oh, did I forget to mention … Continue reading

what do i do now?

I have been struggling to adjust to live without constant #fw tweets and fashion week blog posts and slide shows to view. Hence, I have not been blogging because I have been so lost. Fear not, I am back! I am working on compiling a list of my favorite designs/trends (sometimes I hate the word … Continue reading

the second greatest week of the year…

If NYFW is the greatest week (really two weeks for each season) then Paris is the second, a very close second. Like I did for NYFW, I developed a fantasy PFW schedule. When this girl dreams, she dreams big. Thursday 3.5 Balenciaga Balmain Nina Ricci Friday 3.6 Christian Dior [Check out the March Vogue for … Continue reading

the best of the couture shows.

Couture. Paris. Every girl’s dream. Here are my top three favorites from ¬†select designers: (All Photos Courtesy WWD) Of course, Chanel. It is amazing to know that paper was the inspiration here. The headpieces are out of this world. Good work, Karl. ¬† Christian Dior. Galliano is such an artist. I think that is what … Continue reading