sad day at conde nast.

ad pages are down a ridiculous amount at conde nast publications. vogue is down 44% from last year. que horrible. what is this world coming to? in other news, my french vogue has arrived. and i am now in glossy page heaven. and i just received the new urban catalog for spring. for the first … Continue reading

i love my sister.

after countless failed attempts in tracking down the dec/jan paris vogue, i have one! my lovely sister had a friend in france buy one and mail it! so excited. so so so excited. finally. first, look. now paris vogue. all we need is some tory burch and this will be a full on christmas miracle! … Continue reading

that’s why her hair is so big, its full of secrets.

everyone is buzzing that french vogue editor carine roitfeld will be replacing anna wintour come january at american vogue. people have been talking for a while that anna would be retiring soon, since she has been at the magazine now for 20 years. it would be quite strange to see a vogue masthead without anna … Continue reading

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