“september is the january in fashion.”

This is how I am spending the next few weeks. Bliss. Advertisements

the future of journalism

Is this it? Blogs? It could very well be.  Last semester I was a guinea pig in a new course at the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, J3990: Introduction to Multimedia Tools. The class, which corresponded with my semester in News Writing and Reporting set out to teach us the fundamentals … Continue reading

the daily makes headlines…

& no more new york look?!?! thank god i got my hands on one!!  ny mag’s media deathwatch yesterday acknowledged the minnesota daily and the papers decision to cut back to four issues per week, eliminating the friday issue. you know its bad when it is hitting college newspapers.  NYM: Media Death Watch and for … Continue reading

it’s in the mail.

as a reward for having finished two journalism final projects. and only having three more final projects to complete [in addition to two final exams]… new york look is in the mail!!!! although i will not be able to enjoy it fully until december 17. i am still quite happy. i have been checking for … Continue reading