isaac on michelle.

Interview with [incredible resource, use it, love it.] Isaac was asked about Michelle Obama: “She’s kind of like the Carrie Bradshaw of the next 10 years.” Lovely.

don’t get me wrong…

My excitement for the March Vogue is still at an all time high. Usually I only get this way waiting for the September issue. But, I have to agree with the wonderful writers at The Cut. Michelle Obama looks awkward. It is one of those faces that you make when like your parents make you … Continue reading


Ecstatic. So good that my mother accidently renewed for two subscriptions…Now I can frame a cover. Michelle Obama +  Vogue = BLISS. Ah, and Andre Leon Talley (who I adore!) wrote the article! SO good.

anna on michelle.

It wasn’t just that [Michelle’s] choices projected a simpler, streamlined, more modern attitude, rejecting the ridiculous idea that the only way for a First Lady to dress is in the dreaded White House standard-issue uniform—the boxy, anonymous suit that always managed to look as appealing, and as comfortable, as armor. Instead, we have a woman … Continue reading

Changing the World with Jason Wu

  I think it is pretty apparent that I adore our new first lady. It is so nice to have a fashion forward yet classic woman back in the white house. I thought she looked stunning at the inauguration ceremony yesterday in Isabel Toledo [with Jimmy Choo and J.Crew] and completely divine at the inaugural … Continue reading

happy inauguration day!

1.20.09 – it is a beautiful and new day for us all. i am so excited about this and it is crazy to see all the hard work coming to an end. [even though there is a lot of hard work left for PRESIDENT OBAMA] also, i am very excited to see what michelle will … Continue reading

betsy ross? no, betsy johnson.

  please do not do it michelle. 

top 10 best dressed of 2008

because i am not cool enough to make a top 10 albums of the year list or really because i don’t think i could even name 10 albums in 2008, i have decided to make a top 10 list that is meaningful for me (& maybe you if you are reading this). so, i present … Continue reading