the only tramp stamp i will be getting is by chanel.

Chanel and temporary tattoos are two words many never thought would be found in the same sentence…that is until Karl Lagerfeld presented the Chanel SS 2010 collection in Paris and covered his models in them. And now, the Kaiser is bringing the Chanel temporary to a boutique near you. The Les Trompe L’Oeil de CHANEL … Continue reading


This is genius. And hilarious. I would so be there.  


The 2009 Fall RTW collection by Karl Lagerfeld for the house of Chanel was completely delightful. I think part of the reason the Chanel show is always a hit- outside of the obviously aesthetically pleasing design- is the presentation. Lagerfeld is all about the show. My personal favorite show was last year’s fall collection that … Continue reading

paris fashion week: overdue review

Hi, it’s me. The worst Paris Fashion Week blogger on the planet. I have like a zillion shows to catch up on, and I feel that taking in these shows is the best way to a) study for my fashion design midterm and b) prepare for my interview on Friday. To begin, it was a … Continue reading

the best of the couture shows.

Couture. Paris. Every girl’s dream. Here are my top three favorites from  select designers: (All Photos Courtesy WWD) Of course, Chanel. It is amazing to know that paper was the inspiration here. The headpieces are out of this world. Good work, Karl.   Christian Dior. Galliano is such an artist. I think that is what … Continue reading

top 10 best dressed of 2008

because i am not cool enough to make a top 10 albums of the year list or really because i don’t think i could even name 10 albums in 2008, i have decided to make a top 10 list that is meaningful for me (& maybe you if you are reading this). so, i present … Continue reading

a christmas with karl.

as many of you may know, or may not know… i completely adore the fashion genius that is karl lagerfeld. i am a ridiculous fan of the classic chanel and i think mr. lagerfeld has done a wonderful job keeping coco’s aesthetic at the center of the brand. plus he is beyond fabulous and over … Continue reading

when pre-fall posen makes life worth living…

dear zac posen,  thank you for your pre-fall collection. it makes winter here a bit warmer just thinking about all that fringe and french glamour.  xoxo.     [alex- hopefully this makes up for all that taffeta.] and as always, karl keeps pre-fall for chanel métiers d’art theatrical.  

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