target is the new black.

It began with Isaac Mizrahi and it is continuing with Rodarte. Target’s Go International and Designer Collections are in a word, amazing. Without a doubt the greatest thing to come from the bull’s eye and it just keeps getting better!  On September 13, Anna Sui for Target will launch. The Gossip Girl inspired collection is … Continue reading


  I want this photo to be my life.

gossip girl recap: remains of the j.

I have mixed feelings on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl. Probably because *SPOILER* I hate seeing Chuck Bass kiss anyone that isn’t Blair. And even when it is Blair, I wish it was me. [Fantasy worlds are my specialty].  First of all, the letter from Yale regarding Dan’s financial aid status was so laughable. “DENIED.” … Continue reading

interesting comparison.

Reminiscing over last weeks espisode of Gossip Girl in anticipation of this week’s episode, I realized something quite interesting. Mean Girls = Coach Carr slept with underage students. Gossip Girl= Rachel Carr slept with underage Dan Humphrey. Très bon.

what do i do now?

I have been struggling to adjust to live without constant #fw tweets and fashion week blog posts and slide shows to view. Hence, I have not been blogging because I have been so lost. Fear not, I am back! I am working on compiling a list of my favorite designs/trends (sometimes I hate the word … Continue reading

i love our president.

“What, are you on Gossip Girl or something?”- President Barack Obama

catherine malandrino binge.

TCLF Design Forward at OPM Boutique was tonight. We had a great turnout despite “snowmageddon”, so it was a lot of fun! [Thanks to all of my lovely friends for coming out in this weather…hopefully the free wine was worth it!] OPM carries some really great lines, for a variety of budgets, so it is … Continue reading

great quote

“I just knew on Gossip Girl I could probably be even better than I am in real life, you know?”- Adam Green

live blog: the gossip girl banana republic tally

The Gossip Girl wardrobe team thinks quite fondly of Banana Republic…and they make it very obvious this episode. The realtor that gives Chuck a tour of the so called “gentleman’s club” is wearing a top from the holiday collection. Ms. Carr is wearing the gray wool Banana Republic trench coat from holiday, as well as … Continue reading

carnal knowledge.

Found an extended preview of the new episode of Gossip Girl.  I hate it only because Chuck is not kissing Blair. But hey, at least there is something going on?

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