girl can’t resist chanel nail polish.

My Fashion’s Night Out plans have officially been set in stone thanks to the news that Chanel will be debuting not one, not two but three absolutely perfect nail colors in honor of the shopping circus. Last year I managed to score a bottle of Jade on FNO and my life improved dramatically. While I … Continue reading

and then there was bill.

How in the world did I forget to mention the best moment of my FNO?! Outside of Bergdorf’s we were walking to dinner and who is on the corner in his blue members jacket, taking a million photos a minute? BILL CUNNINGHAM. For those of you who live in NYC on a full-time basis, you … Continue reading

quick update.

As you may, or may not know, I am still in New York City and enjoying every single second of fashion week! Check out my reviews of the collections for The Fashion List. I survived Fashion’s Night Out- but just barely! I did happen to score the Chanel Jade polish at the Spring Street store … Continue reading

the biggest fashion party EVER.

It’s less than a month away, and today the list of participants and events was officially released, and more are being announced by the minute. Fashion’s Night Out, September 10, 2009. I have to say that I am astonished by the amount of press that this event is getting- it is so great and I … Continue reading

isaac on fashion’s night out.

Because just say this: We’re not making enough money. We’re just not making enough damn money. Okay? And I don’t have any kids, but Donna Karan has kids. That she has to send to — I don’t know what. Donna Karan has grandkids. Right? Like, seriously. Don’t they? Like Michael Kors, does he have a kid? No? But he needs … Continue reading

and my life is complete. seriously.

I am one of those people that has a tendency to question everything I do. “Should I have worn these shoes?” “Was it smart to ship home all my European issues of Vogue through the Italian Post Office?” (ANSWER: NO.) “Should I have spent my last summer in college in a city far away from … Continue reading