oh, and i need scarves from hermes.

Didn’t Kara Saun do a super aviator collection for Project Runway Season 1? Although it was nowhere near as refined as this Hermes collection, I had a total flashback. Anyway. There were five things I completely and totally adored at Hermes. 1. Thigh-high boots. 2. Leather skirts. 3. Fur. 4. Maroon tights. 5. Plaid. Fall … Continue reading

dear chloe, i want to wear all of you.

So chic. I cannot get over the fall Chloe collection. It was Katherine Hepburn meets Gossip Girl meets everything a girl could ever want in her closet. And I know I say I love collections all the time, but that is because really I do. This is what I love, I can’t help myself. But … Continue reading


The 2009 Fall RTW collection by Karl Lagerfeld for the house of Chanel was completely delightful. I think part of the reason the Chanel show is always a hit- outside of the obviously aesthetically pleasing design- is the presentation. Lagerfeld is all about the show. My personal favorite show was last year’s fall collection that … Continue reading

catherine malandrino binge.

TCLF Design Forward at OPM Boutique was tonight. We had a great turnout despite “snowmageddon”, so it was a lot of fun! [Thanks to all of my lovely friends for coming out in this weather…hopefully the free wine was worth it!] OPM carries some really great lines, for a variety of budgets, so it is … Continue reading

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