city of dreams.

Last summer, I chased my crazy dreams all the way to New York City. I landed an internship with my favorite New York designer and for three months I lived out of two suitcases in my cousin’s West Harlem apartment. I had no idea what to expect and my whirlwind summer was like nothing I ever imagined. From meeting one of my favorite designers and carrying couture ball gowns down 34th street to attending a premier of The September Issue and reviewing the spring collections at fashion week, I could not have asked for anything more. And here I am, almost a year later, about to move back to the city that I grew to love and continue chasing my dreams–but this time I don’t plan on venturing back to the Midwest.

When I moved last July, this “City of Dreams” spread shot by Mario Testino appeared in American Vogue. And I know it’s totally cheesey, but I felt like it was a sign: two young girls from the Midwest packing up their bags and trying to make it in the big city. [For me, it would have been a little more accurate had it been a girl and her best gay trying to make it in the big city…but you get it.] While my experience may not have been impeccably styled at all times, I wanted to take the time to revisit this charming spread. Enjoy!

Vogue July 2009, Mario Testino

Vogue July 2009, Mario Testino

Vogue July 2009, Mario Testino


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