belle of the ball.

I live for the Met Gala. Each and every spring, I am at the edge of my seat waiting for photos to surface showing off the fabulous fashion moments taking place [Note: Someday, I will be in attendance, mark my words].  If I had my choice to attend any of the major award shows, I would trade them all for an invite to the Met. Seriously. I love everything about it. The art history student side of me still geeks out over the Metropolitan Museum [and I spend hours upon hours there every time I am in the city…this summer will be no exception] and the thought of putting on a Balenciaga number just to celebrate couture at the museum? Heaven on earth. [Note: Someday, I will wear Balenciaga. A lot of Balenciaga.] My fantasy life aside, this year’s gala was a sartorial gold mine. Behold, dear readers, my picks for best dressed:

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And with every event of this caliber, there are bound to be a number of fashion disasters. But why dwell on the bad? I will save that for another day. Now, now, feast your eyes.


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