derek blasberg is one classy guy.

I have a soft spot for Midwesterners who make it happen in the Big Apple and Derek Blasberg has won me over. Blasberg, a Missouri native, is a man-about town in the city that never sleeps. After finishing up school at NYU and interning at magazines such as Vogue W and WWD, he began writing about all things fashion and high-society.

He puts his knowledge of fashion, style and the New York social circuit to good use in his new book, Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady. The book, which hit shelves this week, is a guide to everything from dinner party etiquette to how to dress for a BBQ. How to pack for a vacation? He tells you. How to politely excuse yourself from conversation? Its here. How to shop online? Check. The book is witty, glamorous and fun, while at same time practical. Blasberg pulls quotes and advice from all of his socialite and fashion plate friends from Chloe Sevigny to Brydie Bell [who models as the “lady” and the “tramp” throughout the book] along with anecdotes from Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel.

If you are looking for a fun spring read, this is it. Be classy and grab your copy today.

CLASSY, $16.99, Barnes & Noble.


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