a goodbye to bryant park.

New York Fashion Week A/W 2010 and the last fashion week at the Bryant Park tents came to an end yesterday. To say the last nine days were crazy, would be an understatement. I had the amazing opportunity to attend 35 shows and presentations as a writer with The Fashion List. It was another incredible experience and one that I feel so lucky to have been a part of.

I remember flipping through issues of Vogue in high school and dreaming of being underneath those white tents to take in a fashion show. I spent an unhealthy amount of time pouring over glossy pages drooling over runway looks and watching slideshow after slideshow on Style.com thinking: “Someday, I will see it all happen.”

That someday happened in September, when I attended my first New York fashion week, also as a contributor to The Fashion List. I remember the night before the shows, helping the team sort through invites and figure out schedules and sheepishly asking if I could maybe see a show in the tent. The holy grail of fashion: Bryant Park.

The response: of course!

Wait, what? I was going to be inside of the Bryant Park Tent? During New York fashion week? To see a fashion show? And then review that show? I had to be dreaming. And just days later, there I was, walking up the steps and through the doors, entering the one place I never imagined being in my entire life. I checked in for my first show there, Whitney Port, Mara Hoffman and Nicholas K. I took my seat. The lights went down, the music blared and I was at fashion week.

This past week, my experience was no different from that first time. I made a bee-line for Bryant Park the day I got into the city. Just walking by, seeing the massive structure that covered the lawn I spent summer days reading on, gave me chills. Each show I saw this year inside of the tents was a little bit more special, because I knew it would be the last. The last time thousands gathered near the Garment District to take in the creations of the most talented designers in the world. It was the end of an era in American fashion and I still cannot believe that I was a part of it.

I attended the Isaac Mizrahi show on Thursday, February 18. His final show in the tent, after showing there for years. For me, it was a dream come true. I didn’t have to sit by my computer watching a live-stream or wait for photos to be uploaded on Style to take in the playfully chic designs by Mizrahi. I was there. It was an emotional moment seeing Isaac Mizrahi’s final walk on the Bryant Park runway, blowing kisses and saying goodbye to his home for the last decade.

Fashion in New York will never be the same.


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