’twas three nights before fashion week…

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even… Okay, I am not creative enough to come up with anything witty here…

I am currently preparing to board a plane bright and early on Tuesday bound for NYFW. Packing for fashion = disaster. While I know that I will be sporting head-to-toe black most of the week (along with everyone else) I still find myself in the midst of a panic attack when I think about planning outfits. Thankfully there are a few things I know I will be packing and putting to good use!

Inspired by a recent Fashionista post, I have compiled a list of my fashion week essentials. See you at the Tent!

1. Vintage mink coat.

2. Black leather miniskirt.

3. Tory Burch ankle boots.

4. Moleskine squared notebooks, with Sharpie pens.

5. Olympus camera.

6. Sephora’s Rouge Cream lipstick in “Mmm.”

7. Black cashmere scarf.

8. WWD & Daily Front Row.

9. Tights, tights and more tights.

10.Cappuccinos from Café Lalo.


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