its going to be a good spring…

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target and a JC Penny line by MK&A?! Seriously?!

First off, I hope JPG for Target is every bit as extravagant as his RTW, you know, just with cheaper fabrics. If he could swing a cone bra for the masses, you could count me a happy girl. I am SO excited to see this line. Target is doing a phenomenal job of pulling in top designers. I would take a job in designer relations in a heart beat. [Christian Siriano told me in my interview that he was working on doing” really, really commercial sellable lines”…does this mean Target has snatched him up also?]

News hit last week that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would be designing a line for JC Penny, Olsenboye. ECSTATIC. I am crossing my fingers that this is just going to be a cheap version of all of the phenomenal pieces from The Row. Please, pretty please. Never did I think I would be excited to shop at JCP.

And to top it all off, the J.Crew spring collection was previewed for editors last week. I am not afraid to admit my love for J.Crew, but it is the styling that I am really in love with. It has never happened that I come out of J.Crew with a new purchase and end up looking anything like the perfectly styled mannequins and catalog girls. I suppose if I could afford to buy an entire look, I would be more model-esque. Until then, I will drool over their simple, layered looks with perfect short-shorts and dream of a plump checking account to make my dreams a reality.


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