great find: the street vendor two-finger ring

I have practiced a great deal of self control while walking around Soho this summer. I have resisted (up until now) the desire to buy some fun jewelry from a street vendor. While many of the stands feature the same big flowered rings and feathered headbands, I found a great two-finger wire ring with stones on Sunday while strolling down Broadway. It was love at first sight really. And I wanted to buy enough to cover all of my fingers and toes. Instead, I bought just one and I am in love with it. I went with the green because it reminded me of the jade jewels we all saw and drooled over on the Chanel runways in February.

Ring, $20

Ring, $20


My horrible memory is making it difficult for me to tell you where the little stand was on Broadway, but I can tell you that it was between Victoria’s Secret and CB2. Which I know is not helpful really, and I don’t even know if the people are in the same spot each week (except on Prince Street, because I have visited another ring stand over there more than once ). Search it out, its worth it.


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