it’s baaaaaack.

If I had $300 right now I would a.) buy a plane ticket back to Minneapolis for August 19 and b.) use  the rest of the money to shop at the gh2 90% off sale going on August 20-21.

No, you are not hallucinating: 90% off.

This incredible sale only takes place twice per year and it is worth waiting in line for! I went to the winter sale and scored a great dress, originally $550 for $55. [The trick of the sale: just move the decimal one spot to the left.] My fabulous friend Alissa scored a great pair of Proenza heels for $50. The sale is phenomenal. It is not to be missed- if you are in the Twin Cities and you are not at gh2 on August 20th when the doors open and the sale begins, you are dead to me. 

Below is an article I wrote last semester about gh2 and other great area consignment stores. Happy shopping!

Chic and Cheap

The Twin Cities is full of designer consignment and second-hand clothing shops that are going to keep you looking chic without breaking the bank.

The following should come as no surprise to you: times are tough. And in tough times, we all have to make sacrifices, but if you ask me, fashion should not be one of them. We are fortunate that the Twin Cities has a wide range of second-hand and designer consignment stores that make shopping for the latest fashions a lot easier on your wallet. Shopping consignment is the best way to not only save money and stay on top of trends but it also is an unexpected way to contribute to the “green” movement. With the boom of fast fashion retailers such as Forever 21 and H&M, more and more clothes are ending up being thrown away after being worn only a few times. By shopping second hand, you are recycling a garment instead of letting it end up in a landfill.

Area consignment shops have seen an increase in business with the economic recession. “A lot of our customers have said they are buying here instead of at Saks or Neiman Marcus. Our winter sale was crazy, we had a line out the door, which is huge for us,” says Katy Smith, an assistant manager at gh2 in Northeast Minneapolis. The store features high-end designer clothing at 70 percent off retail prices. During my visit to the store I spotted an Alexander Wang blazer marked down from $695 to $195, Christian Louboutin pumps for $170 and a Gucci bag marked down to $335 from $1195 – these are unbelievably good deals. Half of the clothing at gh2 comes from more than 100 different consigners, some of which are bringing things in from out of state, making gh2 the place to go for unique designer pieces. The other half are pieces that come directly of gh2’s sister store, Edina based retailer, Grethen House. Smith says that even women who can afford to shop at Neiman Marcus or other high-end retailers on a regular basis are still coming into gh2 to find great deals on the designers they love.

If the prices at gh2 still seem a little steep, there are many other options throughout the Twin Cities to fit every budget. Everyday People, a clothing-exchange store, offers everything from Gap to Prada. Clothing, shoes, belts and other accessories can be traded and purchased at any of the store’s three locations. Ashley Boman, an employee at the Dinkytown location, says that the majority of the customers that come in are most concerned with saving money and even making money. “More people have been coming in lately to sell clothing,” says Boman. The Dinkytown store is always buzzing with people. The location makes it convenient for the target demographic of college age students.

So what is the key to finding great deals at consignment shops? “Be patient and be willing to dig a little bit. Always check back regularly; we are getting new things every day,” says Smith.

Whether you want to stay fashionable with high-end designer garments, or are looking to purchase some quick trendy pieces at a great price, now is the time to shop consignment.

-AEP 4/24/09

This piece was written for my magazine writing course at the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Spring 2009.


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