harper’s bazaar, september 2009.

I bought my first September issue last weekend, Harper’s Bazaar. I get ridiculous giddy at this time with all of the issues hitting newsstands. I have to practice serious self control so that I do not buy them all. Even though I will still end up with an extra copy of Vogue… I just can’t help myself, it is like Christmas for me. 


Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.

I was really excited about this issue because FINALLY Leighton Meester gets a cover of a great magazine. I cannot tell you how annoyed I was to see what felt like one billion Blake Lively covers last year- especially the Vogue cover. SHE IS NOT THAT INTERESTING. Rant. Sorry. I couldn’t wait for the great fashion spread featuring Leighton, but I was not impressed. The age simulation was boring. She is young–let her be young! Why is every month an “Age Issue”? I wanted to see her in great young designers and in edgy editorial! 

I loved the Agy spread of the Michael Jackson looks. I was completely confused at the Naomi spread, and maybe it was just my issue but were those pages not completely screwed up? Two photos were featured twice and one photo was cut in half and featured, and then the whole photo was featured. Maybe I just didn’t get the concept, but I am thinking that was a production malfunction. 


Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.

I think Harper’s is one of the publications that has done the best job of dealing with the recession and this issue was not exception. Lots of high-low pieces were featured, along with a great “Smart Shopping” guide that can help someone on any budget go about getting fall’s key pieces. 

Great work, Ms. Bailey!

2 Responses to “harper’s bazaar, september 2009.”
  1. If I had a greenback for every time I came here.. Superb read!

  2. Sandy Gates says:

    alexandraandthecity.com’s done it once more. Superb read.

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