chiconomical: deena & ozzy studded skimmer

For the last few months I have been lusting after these beautiful Guiseppe Zanottio studded ballet flats [I spotted a chic girl wearing them on the subway…]. Unfortunately GZ is not in my current budget, so I have been trying to find an alternative for fall–especially since I am in need of new black flats! 

Guiseppe Zanotti, Bloomingdales $357 (from $416)

Guiseppe Zanotti, Bloomingdales $357 (from $416)

Urban Outfitters to the rescue with the Deena & Ozzy studded skimmer, only $38. In three colors, you are sure to find one that will best compliment your wardrobe. And the studs are oh so cool for fall. Shop away! [I am going to try and scope these out in the store and let you know if they are as great as they appear!]


Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters $38

Note: Only available in whole-sizes.


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