everyone is talking about: the end of the gilded age.

Twitter and the blogging world was a buzz today after reading John Koblin’s “The Gilded Age of Condé Nast is Over” for the Observer. The article discusses McKinsey & Company’s audit of the media giant and the magazines it houses. Kolbin talks with many “sources” as well as with CN CEO Chuck Townsend about the changes taking place at magical 4 Times Square.

Is the prestige that is Condé Nast gone? Are people no longer jealous to be a part of all that glitters? Being on the verge of graduation and beginnig a search for jobs, I would absolutely die to work at CN, even if it means no Nobu for lunch and having to drink Poland Springs bottled water (the horror!).

Various business and editorial staff members discussed the changes they have noticed at the company when each magazine was forced to cut 5% of budgets this past year. No more fresh flowers. No more cheese platters. Graydon Carter eating in the cafeteria. The list goes on. It’s pretty funny that these are the type of things the staff think make them a publishing house to envy- where I thought it was the smart writing and sharp editorial…and Anna Wintour. Well budget cuts may eliminate some of the luxuries at CN, I don’t think that the ‘Gilded Age’ at 4 Times Square is anywhere close to over. They continue to publish the best writers, the best designers, and the best artists despite hardships in the economy.

The Red Bulls and Oranginas are maybe no longer there, but what’s the difference? You don’t need it! You don’t need the Orangina!

– Chuck Townsend

At my office, we have Coke, Diet Coke and club soda. [I had no idea that Orangina was a big deal…]


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