ALT and the september issue.

Yesterday we bought tickets to see a preview of The September Issue at the Paley Center for Media on August 20. I am BEYOND excited for this! Not only are we catching TSI before it hits the theaters (in New York) on August 28, but director RJ Culter will be there.

Wait. It gets better.

ANDRE LEON TALLEY will also be present to discuss the film with the audience! Oh.My.Gosh. He is only my second favorite employee of Vogue. Sigh. I cannot wait. You have no idea.


The only thing better than this screening would be an invite to Anna’s premiere of the film taking place the day before. Rumored to be attending are Oscar de la Renta and Karl Lagerfeld. I am sure it will be a premier that rivals the Met Gala.

I am also hoping for a copy of the 584 page September issue to be at the screening- saving me a trip to the newsstand (even though I subscribe…better have an extra copy just in case!) Speaking of the issue, a cover shot was released today and its not the greatest. The Cut was raving about the photo of Charlize Theron but I have to admit it took me a few seconds to register who it was- does anyone else think she looks a little funny?


Regardless, I cannot wait to have those 584 pages in my hands. And I cannot wait to see ALT. And The September Issue.


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