great find: ananas handbags

I was wandering around Elizabeth Street today and stumbled upon Ananas [248 Elizabeth Street] and fell instantly in love with the beautifully designed handmade bags. 

Designer Jennifer Baum Lagdameo studied film in Japan and lived in the Philippines where she was inspired by the local techniques of both countries that lead to her becoming a handbag designer. Many of the bags are made with natural fibers, making them eco-chic. And to add to the chic factor, Lagdameo plants 10 trees in the Philippines for every eco-bag she sells! [Perfect eco-bag from the collection is the Coco Clutch, $98]

I loved the rich leathers of the bags paired with hand-carved wooden pieces. My favorite bag was the Nealy with a metallic gold “crackle” finish and wood zipper pulls [Nealy bag, pictured in blue].  There was another great bag with a faux sting-ray finish in black and white accompanied by a beautifully carved wood piece. I loved the “synthetic”-natural pairing in this bag and in all the bags (and belts!) in the collection. One last favorite is the Loulou bag made with Italian lambskin. It is a perfect carry-all size with simple details.

Right now bags from the spring and summer collection are 40% off– so hurry in and grab one of these beautiful bags! [The prices are really reasonable for a quality bag, so at nearly half off it is a total steal!]

One Response to “great find: ananas handbags”
  1. lissyjon says:

    holy crap. I cannot believe you were so close to ANNA WINTOUR!!

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