and my life is complete. seriously.

I am one of those people that has a tendency to question everything I do. “Should I have worn these shoes?” “Was it smart to ship home all my European issues of Vogue through the Italian Post Office?” (ANSWER: NO.) “Should I have spent my last summer in college in a city far away from everything I know for an internship that hopefully is going to get me where I want to be in life?” The last question has been the most relevant lately. Until Thursday. When everything came together and made sense, because I was in the presence of Anna Wintour.

I decided to head to 7th and 39th for the filming of the CFDA’s Fashion’s Night Out PSA final scene. I thought it was so great that they asked anyone involved in the industry to come out in support of FNO. For most of us there, this is our future on the line. What happens to the fashion industry in the next year and the next five years is going to dictate whether or not we will have jobs. I feel really lucky to have an organization like the CFDA and a publication so dedicated to the future of the industry.

I got to 7th about a half hour before the meeting time and was surrounded by dozens of other students, interns, PRs and young designers. We were all handed our FNO tee shirts and told to group together on the street, smile and face the camera and yell “Shop for good!” about two dozen times.

Earlier in the day I joked with my friend Alissa that I would probably run into Anna and Diane while I was there. Little did I know that Ms.Wintour (joined by Virginia Smith and later Vera Wang) would indeed stop by to check up on the filming. I could not believe my eyes. The woman who I want to be in 20 years was standing right in front of me. And.she.was.SMILING. It was such a great moment. And in an instant I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. And that coming to New York was not something I needed to question anymore. And I know it is totally cheesy to be this excited about only seeing Anna, it’s not like we had a conversation and she told me she liked my skirt or something. But nonetheless, it was amazing. 

[On the phone later that night with Alissa]

Alissa: Was she scary?

Moi: No. She was everything I ever wanted to be. There was a halo above her head.

Alissa: Would you take a bullet for her?

Moi: Yes, I would take a bullet for Anna Wintour.


The scene at 7th and 39th.

The scene at 7th and 39th.

Anna Wintour with Virginia Smith.

Anna Wintour with Virginia Smith.

One Response to “and my life is complete. seriously.”
  1. lissyjon says:

    I cannot believe how close you were to her!!

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