where am i?

I think I have been asking myself this question way too much lately. This has been such a whirlwind summer, but now that I am stationary for the next few months, I will get back to my blogging ways.

I returned from Paris/Italy/Greece a little over a week ago and jumped right on a plane to NYC to start my internship. Europe was wonderful. I am already dying to be back in Paris. The art. The fashion. The food. The cute boys standing outside of Hermes. It really is a fabulous city. I was pretty well behaved on the shopping front. It is a good thing we weren’t in Paris when the summer sales kicked off because then it would be a different story.  The discounts are really great. My best find being a great pair of Fogal tights for $13. [I have also decided that unlimited access to tights at Fogal would be the greatest thing in the world. My legs would be incredibly happy.]

Italy and Greece were equally wonderful. I was in love with Venice. Wish I would have spent more time there, especially with the Biennale taking place. Mykonos was gorgeous and the Acropolis was amazing. Apologies for the poor summary of my trip.

Now here I am, escaping the heat in my cute little Sugar Hill apartment. I have been in the city for a week now, but it feels like much longer. I really love it here, but I miss my friends terribly. Its a strange feeling to be surrounded by millions and yet feel really alone. Its hard to not have girlfriends, or really more than one friend in such a big place. I have spent a lot of time wandering around, mostly getting lost, but I still enjoy it. As challenging as it is to be in a new place I know that this is going to be a great experience for me and I think I will find out a lot about myself. I am also excited to start the big girl job hunt…eek!

Things are slow at my internship right now, being between resort and fall collections but I am really excited for what the rest of the summer has in store. And I still can’t believe it is real! Being in the presence of a great designer is hard to put into words but I am loving every minute of it. 

Yesterday I had the chance to check out the Museum at FIT–a must see! I caught both the Fashion & Politics exhibit and the Isabel Toledo exhibit. I loved them both, I thought the Toledo was so incredible. It was really cool to see the inauguration dress Michelle Obama wore up close and also check out Toledo’s other innovative fashions. I plan to visit “Model as Muse” sometime this week and am hoping to head to the Guggenheim on Friday– I didn’t get a chance to see it when I was here before! 

It is painfully difficult not to shop here. But really not that difficult when I remember that I have zero dollars. Once I start working at BR again I will have a little more fun money and will be doing some sale shopping. I have been avoiding Top Shop at all costs because I know it will just be disaster until I get a paycheck. [I should really save my money for a pop-up shop with the Anna Sui Target line, which I am sure will sprout up around NYFW…I want EVERY Blair dress, obviously.]



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