apologies for the brief hiatus.

I forgot I had a blog. Not really. The last month of school was so ridiculously crazy. I had every intention of giving a full Voltage review and MNFW recap, while also touching on the Met gala (WHAT WAS LEIGHTON MEESTER THINKING?!). Now I feel like it is just too late. So here, in just a few sentences— Voltage.

First off, I am so happy I was seated for this show. 600000 hours later, my feet would have fallen off. My favorites had to be Emily Weich and Allison Quinnell. Weich designed an ultra-feminine collection with touches that reminded me of the master of all things ultra-fem: Alber Elbaz (my God). I loved loved loved the silver metallic short shorts with ruffles and the simple dresses with bows at the neck. I would wear it all. Allison Quinnell showed her collection inspired by time living in Japan- complete with origami creations in the models hair. I loved so many of the looks in this collection- including a stunning pair of grey trousers with pleated pockets–so chic. I am so excited for all of the talent here and the praise they are getting post-Voltage- YOU DESERVE IT! 

Note: There was one collection I was a bit stunned by and that was Amanda Christine. The playful dresses were nice, but the looks appeared to have been straight from DvF Spring 2009. I am talking the identical flowery headbands DvF put on all of her models in ruffle dresses appeared as a part of this collection. Maybe people didn’t notice…but I did. And thought it was pretty shocking. I do understand that these collections have been in the media for the months that our designers were working on their collections and I understand inspiration but…. this was a bit much.

As for the Met, Rihanna, Madonna, Leighton and Blake, I ask you, what were you thinking?

I am now off to Paris, Italy and Greece for the next month and a half. I will blog about all of my fashionable adventures there. I then start my internship in NYC with favorite designer- where I again will tell of my journey (including my visit to “Model as Muse” and NYFW!!)



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