and so it begins…

Tomorrow starts the first full MNfashion Week. Check out previous posts or for the entire schedule. I was hoping to make it to the mixer at Urban Bean tomorrow night but turns out I get to take a self-defense class. [My dad thinks I am going to die in Paris/New York so he hired an ex-navy seal to give a private class…oh boy.]

Anyways. I am really excited for MNFW. Tuesday night I will be heading to Laura Fulk‘s Suffocate show at The Lab Theater. Be there.

As a prequel to MNFW I attended the Kjurek Couture Exclusively Spring show at W Hotel on Friday night. I have mixed feelings on the show. I think Jurek is a very talented designer and she has a prominent aesthetic which shined in her recent collections both at Envision and at this show. However, I was very disappointed in the presentation of the show. The garments that took the runway looked like they had been rolled up and threw in a bag and then quickly thrown on the models. Everything was wrinkled which is really distracting when you are trying to appreciate construction and design. I know that resources for local designers can be very scarce, but steamers are a complete essential. And if you do not have a steamer, you find someone that does and you borrow it. And if you do not have someone to steam your garments you find a volunteer. There are a hundred girls in this city that want to volunteer at MNFW events, any of them could have been pulled to steam garments for the show. It was disappointing to see  a poor presentation. 

I will say I loved the accessories by Adrienne Grahn. I love love loved the feather bracelets and the fringe ankle straps- they add so much to a simple summer sandal! The accessories are available at Cliche and Karma– so hurry and pick up some fringe and feathers! [I will post photos of the accessories this week]


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