mnfw preview party!

Last Alissa and I attended the MNfashion Week Preview Party at Azia (26th and Nicollet). It was pretty packed when we first got there, but we were still able to enjoy some looks from local designers and take in some great people watching. It was a really eclectic mix of people–which really is what fashion is all about.  It made me really excited for the upcoming mnfw events, especially Voltage! 

We also met local and Voltage designer, Allison Quinnell. Alissa and I were admiring one of the guests dress from afar all night, so I told her to go ahead and ask her where she got it. And it just so happened that her dress was designed by her friend, and talented designer, Allison Quinnel. She will show 10 looks at Voltage, that draw inspiration from the time she spent living in Japan. The dress we saw was really chic, feminine and wearable, so I think she is going to be a Voltage standout! 

Spotted: Project Runway designer Katherine Gerdes!


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