happy britney eve.

Tomorrow is the big day. I finally am going to see Britney Spears live. I had tickets to the Hotel Onyx Tour, which was cancelled due to an “injury.” I blame Kevin Federline. I am really excited, although I have to admit, I have been doing a poor job of preparing for the show. I have my Britney lyrics down and I am ready for sensory overload and D2Squared sequins all night…but my mind has not been on the pop princess much until right now…I still love you Brit! [The theme of my 13th birthday party was “Oops She’s Turning 13” and I also rocked the school girl outfit on multiple occasions as a 6th grader–my parents wanted to kill me.]

Bottom line: I am so excited. I hope she “sings” Lucky. 

In other news, we had a fashion shoot in Stillwater today. It was all over the city, so it was a little crazy at times. Lots of back and forth grabbing shoes or a new dress or different accessories. It was not my favorite shoot, for a number of reasons, but I hope that it turns out well! It was a more sophisticated look, kind of Hollywood glam but not too over-the-top [We pulled Posen, Dolce, DvF, and a really great new Chicago designer, the name escapes me at the moment, so just buy the May issue!] It is all monochromatic with white/ivory accessories. Hopefully I can do one more shoot before I jet off for summer! My darling friend Alissa will be the “new Emily” while I am away…you have big Tory Burch booties to fill Alissa! Ha. I am kidding, you are going to be wonderful!

Going out tonight to finally celebrate my internship in NYC and dance the night away at Chambers. 



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