paris followed by new york.

It just so happens that I am about to embark on the greatest summer of my life.

Paris until July followed by an internship with a designer that I completely adore in NYC [See how cryptic I am being? Since I completely adore 95% of the fashion design community]. Oh, did I forget to mention I will also be staying to help with New York Fashion Week? Silly me.]

I will miss everyone loads. So please, leave the mini-apple and come play with me in the Big Apple. 


One Response to “paris followed by new york.”
  1. lissyjon says:

    how very DVP of you to spend your summer in Paris and New York. P.S. can we start some sort of sisterhood of the traveling pants thing while you’re in New York, perhaps with a Chanel Bag you may come across while working in the fashion industry in NY.

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