it appears i have been living in a cave.

HOW DID I NOT KNOW A BARNEYS WAS OPENING IN CHICAGO? Have I completely failed as a smart, fashion-news oriented, young woman? Yes. I have failed all of you, but most importantly I have failed myself.

This is huge. Of course, not as huge as if there was a Barneys opening on Nicollet [preferably in Neiman’s place–no hard feelings]. Anyways, I am really excited about this. Thank god I follow Barneys PR department on Twitter or I probably would still be in the dark. 

Mark your calendars Midwest fashionistas…April 16. 1 p.m. A stones throw away from the Chanel at Water Tower Place, there it will be. Barneys. 


Photo Courtesy Barneys PR

Photo Courtesy Barneys PR

This means we no longer have to shop the greatest sale from our computers, we can just grab an hour flight to Chicago. Or in the spirit of the recession, take the MegaBus. Although, I think bringing Barneys home on the MegaBus would be similar to the one time Tory and Prada went to William’s in Uptown. Disaster.

Alissa and I decided we are going to have to visit this new fashion mecca. But then I decided why shop the Barneys in Chicago when (cross-fingers) I can shop the Barneys on Madison all summer : )


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