gossip girl recap: remains of the j.

I have mixed feelings on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl. Probably because *SPOILER* I hate seeing Chuck Bass kiss anyone that isn’t Blair. And even when it is Blair, I wish it was me. [Fantasy worlds are my specialty]. 

First of all, the letter from Yale regarding Dan’s financial aid status was so laughable. “DENIED.” That doesn’t happen. Ever. To anyone. And yes, financial aid directly from a school is nearly impossible to obtain, but for how thrifty the Humphrey family seems to be- did they just forget about FSFA? Even government loans with crappy interest rates are better than selling your hipster Brooklyn loft and officially leaving behind your rock n’ roll dad identity. So file your taxes Rufus, and then submit FSFA. And then Dan can be like the rest of us and pay off student loans for the next 70 years.

Best line of the night? “Nate’s email password has been soccer since the 5th grade.” Of course Nate’s password would be soccer. I think every GG fan in the universe would have had that in their  list of possible passwords, right after “Halo” “Pothead” and “Serena.”

Why was Blair using the Brad and Angelina analogy like it just happened yesterday? First of all, she would have pulled something from an Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor movie before she would go to Lara Croft Tomb Raider. 

I was shamelessly drooling over Poppy’s fur vest.

I loved that Nate called Vanessa “V.” Disgusting.

The forehead kiss is quite possibly the world’s biggest disappointment. Your uncle kisses you on the forehead after he gives you a butterscotch hard candy or a dollar to get a butterscotch hard candy, and you are usually under the age of 6.

Mmmm, what I wouldn’t give to walk into a room and see Chuck Bass in a red silk and velour robe. 

STOP KISSING VANESSA AND CHUCK. You get to do it in real life, let us have Blair and Chuck on the show! And most importantly, stop sleeping together! [On another note, thank you for putting sex back in the show…finally.]

“It’s your birthday?” This is funny because it reminded me of Allison’s surprise birthday party last year, and someone came up to me while I was talking to Allison and told me ‘Happy Birthday’ and then Allison had to tell them that actually, it was her birthday. Coincidence that it was also Allison’s sweet sixteen? Ha. [Note: Allison is not 16. Allison is 20.]

How painful was it to watch Blair throw her self at Nate? And how good was Nate’s comment to Vanessa about being the new Blair? She got served.

I will admit, it was pretty darn cute that Nate was waiting for Blair in Central Park. Good work Dorota.I like that even in a recession Blair can spare an entire loaf of bread for the ducks in Central Park.

As for next week, I am going to try to remain positive about the Serena getting married in Spain plot line. The OC did it with Taylor and France and it was only a minor disaster. But listen here Josh Schwartz, THIS IS NOT THE OC. DO NOT KILL GOSSIP GIRL.

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  1. lissyjon says:

    ah!!!! I want to read this…but I can’t.

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