what do i do now?

I have been struggling to adjust to live without constant #fw tweets and fashion week blog posts and slide shows to view. Hence, I have not been blogging because I have been so lost. Fear not, I am back! I am working on compiling a list of my favorite designs/trends (sometimes I hate the word trend, I feel like it has such a negative, fast fashion connotation — not that fast fashion is bad, but maybe it is that my design professor says it so much it is starting to make my ears bleed…) for fall…so get excited for that! 

In other news, Gossip Girl is FINALLY back. What a great episode! Ms.Carr recylced her favorite BR pieces and continued to be promiscuous with students. Blair was as dramatic as every in a gorgeous black dress for the school play, and Serena was an idiot- as always. For a minute I was convinced that Georgina was behind on the GG rumors, so I was completely surprised it was the Banana Tramp. Chuck continued to be a hot as ever, delivering one of the best lines ever, “How do you feel about brazil?” And we all know what he was talking about…

My heart stopped when Chuck showed up at B’s to wait for her. But then it started going again- in an angry way- when Blair was sitting there with Carter (total loser), just when I thought C & B were going to be together for good. 

I leave for Paris in exactly two months, and I am totally freaking out. Packing is going to be torture. Allison and I started picking our hostels- which was more fun than it was productive, because we mostly chose them based on their names and cleanliness rating. We also picked out hostels that were “ideal for couples” including Hostel Serena (because of our love for GG and well, for each other).

It is really starting to sink in that I will be spending a great deal of time in another country, and I am so so so so excited. Paris has been a complete dream for me, not only because of its fashion cred, but the art. I know that I will probably cry when I get to the Louvre I will be so ecstatic. I cannot wait to see all of the masterpieces I have studied for the years actually in front of my eyes. It is going to be unbelievable. 

I am pretty excited about the CFDA nominee announcements. Womenswear Designer of the Year looks like it will be quite competitive with Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez and Rodarte all up for the honor. Marc also gets a nod for Accessories Designer of the Year along with Vera Wang (love) and Proenza Schouler. I am probably most excited about the Swavorski Award for Womenswear because Thakoon, Alexander Wang and Jason Wu are all in the running and I love and appreciate all of their work.

It is guaranteed to be a fabulous night, because our First Lady is up for the Board of Directors Special Tribute. So wonderful.

Highlight of the week, without a doubt, was President Obama’s quote with a Gossip Girl mention. Seriously, BEST. PRESIDENT. EVER.

One Response to “what do i do now?”
  1. lissyjon says:

    I’m so happy you’re back to your blogging ways.

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