come back, we’ll play.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Chanel spring trunk show at the Nordstroms Chanel boutique. It was quite lovely despite the fact that I could not afford any of the beautiful clothing. It was a private event, so the boutique was roped off and you felt like Chanel royalty once you were inside. Champagne, chardonay, caviar were all in abundance. Most of the women there were head-to-toe Chanel. I stood next to one woman while watching the spring runway show and she would point and say “oh that ones mine!” because she owned a zillion things from the current collection. There were live models in the windows that changed looks every 15 minutes to showcase some of the best dresses from spring 2009.

The evening had a big focus on the new “Les Exclusifs de Chanel” which is a set of ten new perfumes that are representative of some of the original Chanel fragrances developed by her master perfumer, Jacques Polge. The new fragrances are named after Coco Chanel’s favorite places in different cities, stores, homes, etc. So after reading this you have decided that you wanted one? Sure, just $200 per bottle.

Or you can get invited to private spring trunk show and walk away with one as your swag. 

I am now the proud owner for Les Exclusifs de Chanel No.18. The book we got to take away that describes each of the fragrances puts it like this:

18, Place Vendome. A prestigious address, a place that Mademoiselle Chanel marked with her presence. The spirit of Fine Jewelry, where the most beautiful jewels are given a new life, each time more exceptional than the last. Intimately echoing the radiance of a diamond, No. 18 is a fragrance that sparkles and surprises, richly inspired by the delicate scent of Ambrette flowers.

It smells like heaven. And is in this huge bottle, really simple looking, clean lines. and the bottle comes in this big black and white Chanel box. Which was then placed in a white Chanel bag. I love it.


It was a great experience, mostly because I was not treated like Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman. I was even invited to plan an afternoon with the director of the designer collections, to “come back, we’ll play.” Which means try on all of the clothes while he explains to me all of the fine details of Chanel tailoring. What a dream. Obviously, I am going to do it, and will report back in full.

Until then, I am just going to be spritzing myself with $200 of pure Chanel love.


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