catherine malandrino binge.

TCLF Design Forward at OPM Boutique was tonight. We had a great turnout despite “snowmageddon”, so it was a lot of fun! [Thanks to all of my lovely friends for coming out in this weather…hopefully the free wine was worth it!] OPM carries some really great lines, for a variety of budgets, so it is a definite must if you are visiting the Twin Cities. There is a TON of Catherine Malandrino, including the top Blair wore in the “Carnal Knowledge” Gossip Girl episode and that is also currently featured in the fashion spread in the March issue of  Twin Cities Luxury & Fashion [pick one up next week at Lund’s or B&N].

I decided to check out the Malandrino Spring 2009 and Fall 2009 lines, so here are my favorites, for your viewing pleasure!


Spring 2009. Courtesy NYMag

Spring 2009. Courtesy NYMag

Spring 2009. Courtesy NYMag.

Spring 2009. Courtesy NYMag.


Spring 2009. Courtesy NYMag.

Fall 2009 RTW

All Photos NYMag


One Response to “catherine malandrino binge.”
  1. embarassingeccentricies says:

    Love the power stances of the models. And the skinny dresses.

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