to all my hanson fans out there [aka heather]


By Moi [For METRO Daily Filter]

Personally, the family band has always intrigued me. I think this is due to the fact that I am still a huge fan of Hanson (Yes, the three brothers with flowing blonde locks.) Nothing like Hanson, but equally as awesome, The Roe Family Singers began with husband and wife duo, Quillan and Kim Roe, playing some Carter family covers. Today, they take the stage along with six of their close friends playing tunes influenced by old-time folk and bluegrass. One member even plays the musical saw. This is not to be missed! 

And although the Roe Family Singers probably will not play an “Mmmbop” cover when they hit the stage at the 311 Club, they have definitely caught my attention with their catchy folk jams. Check them out tonight, and every Monday, at the 331 Club.

Roe Family Singers at 331 Club
331 13th Avenue NE, Mpls
9 pm

how you incorporate hanson into your personal, as well as your professional life inspires me.- heather kimball


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