study reward: courtesy of london fashion week.

I am not a huge follower of London fashion week. New York is my mecca, so I feel like London gets pushed to the side. I perk up a little more around Paris and Milan, but London usually is just kind of there. Tonight, I decided to select a random designer that I was not familiar with and check out the goods.

Behold, Graeme Black.

The icy gales of recession may be blowing on both sides of the Atlantic, but
 baby, it’s warm inside Black’s London studio. His luxurious collection was 
richly detailed, including hand-painted cashmere or
 pony skin on coats; crystal studs and beading in linings; and rosettes of
 orylag fur on vests. Ostrich plumes spilled gently over skirts and
 dresses and sprouted from the inside of jacket collars. “We’re not in the
 business of mass luxe, » Black said after the show. « We’re about quality and
 exclusivity.” – WWD

He had me at “hand-painted cashmere.” I died at  “ostrich plumes.” Really stunning work. Enjoy! [And check out the full collection on]

All Photos WWD


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