rowley. johnson. thakoon. donna k.

Here I go with trying to pick ONE look from each of these presentations today. All Photos WWD.

Cynthia Rowley.

15-1C.R. did some really fabulous tights with the looks today. I am loving the printed sheath dresses. Also, I love that she threw in some really bright color at the end- its the same red-orange color we are seeing right now for spring, nice to know that we can continue to wear it through fall!



Betsey Johnson

Okay, I am sorry. I really hate Betsey Johnson. Sometimes I think that there might be something I will like. There never really is though. I think I would rather wear Mudd.




31I am really loving fur right now, so I picked this look. There were a lot of great dresses in this collection, so I recommend checking out the full show. Thakoon had a great hard and soft mix, it was playful and elegant.


Donna Karan

donna-karan13donna-karan45Phenomenal draping. Loved the sleeve details on the coats and belted jackets. Fresh wear-to-work attire, for sure.


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