“it was all things new york!”-marc jacobs

60 glorious looks. The 80s. Beautiful bags and shoes.

I have to admit, I was a little nervy when my Twitter was full of “1980s NEON @ Marc.” But I think he did it in such a way that it really does work. Sure, some of the looks are a little intense, but there are some really beautiful and chic separates. He was very forward in his presentation, its important to take a step back and appreciate the separate pieces from each look. Marc remains the master!

[This is my stream of consciousness as I view the show via the NYT link, apologies.]: I can say right away, that I adore the dress he put Jessica Stam in. I love the ankle boots. And the long black patent leather gloves. And the knee-high purple boots. Zippers galore [which are my recent obsession]! They kind of remind me of the stuff that Jeffrey did for PR Season 3. Love the satin mini-skirts- esp. the VanGogh looking number. Cannot decide how I feel about the patterned thigh high shoes/boots/tight combo. NOT a fan of the colored denim. At all. Specifically the high waisted purple-meets-acid-wash pants. Okay, so the shoulders are getting a bit crazy. I can deal.

Check the link for now [ and use the zoom feature for a great look at everything]

NY Times: Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 RTW

Also, dying to hear what you think!

For the most part these correspond with my ramblings. All Photos Courtesy WWD.

2 Responses to ““it was all things new york!”-marc jacobs”
  1. Adam says:

    I think the models look scary.

    I like how the looks are obviously 80s inspired but still tasteful. When I read just the text all I could think of was halloween costumes and bad frat parties, but this is a different story. I love the colors and the cuts on most of the stuff, but some of the shoulders were a little out of control. Namely, the Nancy Reagan grey top. My favorites are the bright blue jacket and the green dress thing.

  2. greentogrey says:

    the patterned tights are bananas. i die. i also really adore the yellow jacket because i am OBSESSED with all things yellow lately. the prints are really fun & i really want those thigh-high purple boots! rawr!

    you’re right, marc cured my cold!

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