gh2 and alexander wang.

Yesterday, while at work at METRO I noticed a blog posting for 90% of at gh2. I read it probably 20x before I realized that it was indeed real and it was the best thing EVER. 90% at gh2 is like giving away designer consignment for free. I planned to go immediately after work and meet Alissa, but then decided my homework should be the priority. Instead of homework I spent an hour looking at Jason Wu and then received a text from Alissa telling me that she was walking around the store in a pair of Proenza Schouler heels for $55. I was at the gh2 doors five minutes later. Fell in love with a pair of black skinny Stella McCartney pants with a zipper at the ankle (I am 100% in love with zippers right now). Stella and I didn’t seem to mesh size wise. But fear not, I found a Castle Starr sheath dress with jewel details and a zipper down the back. Think updated Jackie  O. essential. Really lovely. Great color. Did I mention the zipper? Anyways. 

Regular Price: $552.00

gh2 Miracle Sale Day Price: $55.00

What? And yes, Alissa got the Proenza’s. Great day for Minneapolis fashion mavens. Supposedly people were lined up before the store even opened on Friday. And they were expecting a line again for today.

Just saw this on The Cut Twitter page, thought it was great 

“Sign backstage at Alex  Wang ‘Tequlia shots for whoever doesn’t fall xoxo Alex'”

Oh fashion week…


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