second runway.

Last night, Allison and I went to Second Runway.  A benefit runway show for Goodwill Easter Seals. A bunch of local designers and design students shopped at the Goodwill and deconstructed garments into something fresh and new. It was really cool to see everything they came up with, from maternity to bridal. We have a lot of creative forces here in the Twin Cities. I also felt like I was witnessing the result of a Project Runway competition- which is always fun. It was a standing room only crowd and the show was followed by a silent auction of all the garments featured. All of the proceeds went to benefit the Goodwill Easter Seals program to help those with barriers to education and employment. I encourage all of you to check it out next year! 

And think of it as a preview of all the goodness that is to come April 20-26 with MN Spring Fashion WEEK. Yes, thats right, an entire week this season. So long fashion weekends! And the 24th is Voltage: Fashion Amplified, definitely the biggest event of the week and one of the biggest in the Twin Cities fashion scene. Do not miss it. Unless you are under 21, then you have no choice. 

Check it out.


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